The Owls ANWTS – Feral Blood CD-R Bundle

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This bundle includes the Owls ANWTS Feral Blood CD-R, Hearth CD-R, and Pinnacle EP CD-R.

The Owls ANWTS - Feral Blood CD-R

Professionally produced CD-R.

Get The Feral Blood T-Shirt & CD-R Bundle for $16

Get The Feral Blood, Hearth & Pinnacle CD-R Bundle for $16


  1. Dawn
  2. Falling
  3. Ascending
  4. Omen
  5. Sacred Wheel
  6. Calling
  7. Ashes
  8. The Hunt
  9. Red
  10. From the Sky
  11. Gathering
  12. Procession
  13. Summoner
  14. Signals
  15. Broken


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The Owls ANWTS - Hearth CD-R

Professionally produced CD-R


  1. Conjuring
  2. Remains of your Ruin
  3. Incantation
  4. Decadence
  5. Landfill
  6. Flight of the Specter
  7. Romulus
  8. Passages
  9. Leech
  10. Pinnacle
  11. Dark Escapes
  12. Coven
  13. Forming
  14. Sepulchre
  15. The Illusion
  16. Eternal

Eleventh Key EK13

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Professionally produced CD-R


1. Pinnacle
2. Forming
3. Decadence
4. Live Ritual 1
5. Live Ritual 2
6. Live Ritual 3
7. Live Ritual 4

Eleventh Key EK-12

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Feral Blood

The Owls A.N.W.T.S return with their fourth proper full length – Feral Blood. This is a deeply layered, one hour long union of dark ambient, folk, tribal rhythms and nightmarish psychedelia. Supernatural howls bellow from beyond as the OWLS guide you through a primitive, unseen world, deeply rooted in ritual and reverie. Feral Blood is a primordial vision quest full of a wild eyed, haunting intoxication and unbridled fury.

Embrace your feral blood!


Behold! THE OWLS A.N.W.T.S have set a blaze of mysticism on their third full length: Hearth. A deep, roaring conflagration where feral howls and ghastly shrieks weave intricate patterns throughout a maelstrom of cavernous din. Thunderous drums collide with waves of reverberation conjuring mesmerizing visions of primitive ritual bliss.

“Hearth” will take you far into the Pennsylvania woodlands to experience the thrill of the wild hunt and the merriment of night. Feel the glow. Consume the fire!

Pinnacle EP

Pennsylvanian conjurers of fear and dread return with their third proper offering ; Pinnacle. This enchanting, rhythmic celebration paints a mystical landscape where dark sorcery reigns supreme. Pitch black ambient movements envelope and weave their way through tribal drums and arcane ritual incantations, leaving the listener bewitched under a sinister hypnotic spell. Pure power awaits!

Pinnacle contains three studio pieces from the forthcoming 2016 full length entitled Hearth. Plus four live recordings, including sections from THE OWLS first 2013 performance opening for Michael Morley ( GATE,  THE DEAD C ).


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