Melancholic/Vormund “White Linen” split CD



Professionally produced CD-R.
Each package comes with a small piece of funerary shroud!!!


1. Vormund- Altar of Burn Offering
2. Melancholic – Spiritual Immurement in the Sepulcher of Crippled Physical Being

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“White Linen” is a split release between Pennsylvania funeral doom bands Vormund and Melancholic. If you like your metal weird, slow and wretched, this is for you. Vormund start things out with their unique blend of twisted, funeral doom. “Altar of Burnt Offering” is an 8 minute dirge that takes a few wildly unpredictable turns — ranging from purely atmospheric washes to slow machine like blasts.  This leads us to Melancholic. Tortured screams bellow from the depths as Melancholic launch into their 14 minute track “Spiritual Immurement in the Sepulcher of Crippled Physical Being”. This three part blackened funerary call is in line with bands like Nortt. It’s atmospheric, dark, droning, and at times, melodic and eerily beautiful.

All albums come with a small piece of a funerary shroud!

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