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Album Release Date: 10/31/20

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  1. Branch Co-Vidians
  2. Broken World
  3. Poison Wind
  4. Viral Tales
  5. Get Me Out
  6. Final Vision
  7. Wear a Fucking Mask!
  8. Weight


Poison Wind was formed by Brian Magar during the early stages of the COVID-19 quarantine. His idea was to bring people together from different bands, backgrounds and locations to see what would sonically transpire.

Brian’s drum tracks provided the groundwork for each member to compose their own songs with guitar or bass. These tracks were then passed around to various members who contributed vocals, guitar, bass and other instrumentation. The only caveat – members did not know who they were working with at any time during the process.

This covert collaboration has produced some truly unique results spanning several extreme metal genres & subgenres. The songs range from thrash, grindcore, death grind, and black metal, to the outer-reaches of the avant-garde.

VIRUS! is a historical timestamp for the first half of 2020, forged from protest, cynicism, fervor and rage. This is intense music for intense times.

Poison Wind is:

  • Joe Coats- Gryla
  • Steve Dietz- Melancholic
  • Chad Hammitt- Altar & The Bull, Pagan Youth, Black Yoga Meditation Ensemble
  • Reese Harlacker- Cultic
  • Brian Magar- Cultic, The Owls ANWTS
  • Ben Price- Foehammer, Immiseration, At the Graves, Myopic
  • Jason Schlossman- Vormund
  • Bobby Yagodich- Baneful Altar, Worm March, The Owls ANWTS

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