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Layr - Vulgord's Tower Soundtrack

LAYR – Vulgord’s Tower Soundtrack

Four years ago, Brian Magar of LAYR embarked on a quest to build a 1980’s inspired, turn-based strategy video game with his teenage son. The end result, Vulgord’s Tower, is a game rooted in high fantasy, wizardry, and woe.

The Vulgord’s Tower Soundtrack paints the perfect backdrop to the game, whisking listeners away to a primordial land rife with conflict and mystery. Each track reveals a new facet of this arcane world. Experience the misery of the dungeons, the majestic power of the mountains, and the glory of conquest!

Do not saunter. Your quest to Vulgord’s Tower awaits!

Download Vulgord’s Tower on STEAM

Eleventh Key EK18

Pro Packaged CD-R