Accurst- Fragments of a Nightmare CD




  1. Fragment 1
  2. Fragment 2
  3. Fragment 3
  4. Fragment 4
  5. Fragment 5
  6. Fragment 6
  7. Fragment 7
  8. Fragment 8
  9. Fragment 9
  10. Fragment 10


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“‘Disturbed’ was the original name of this project back in 98-99, and was created by Melmoth and myself. The early material consisted mainly of tormenting and tormented vocals, disgusting, discordant sounds, lots of high pitch and low pitch sounds, and some vague power electronics/noise.

A year or so later, a disagreement on the course of this project resulted in its deterioration. Melmoth went on to work on his own projects, and also built his own sound studio, while I focused on my other project, ‘Obsequies’.

It was while working on ‘Obsequies’ that ideas for how ‘Disturbed’ should sound materialized in my mind. After talking to Melmoth and realizing he was not interested, I had decided to rename the project to its current name and focus on its new course.

Early material of ‘Accurst’ have some vague similarities with what Melmoth and I were doing with the other project, but it was clear that this was to be a different project. It was not until 2002 that ‘Accurst’ took its full form, and thus “Fragments of a Nightmare” was born.

To conclude, ‘Accurst’ is a concept project revolving around the “Horror” theme for various reasons and various meanings that are not to be discussed herein.

This is only the first growl of the beast. There’s more to come!

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